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3 benefits of managing your finances with Otto

Otto is an easy to use platform that makes managing your financial health simple. We have seen almost 600 new couriers join the platform since relaunching and we have received positive feedback on its features! If you are not yet convinced, we have put together 3 outstanding benefits of joining the platform that you won't be able to ignore!

📈 Manage your cash flow in one place

It's simple really - just connect your assets to the Otto platform. This will allow you to see all your spending in real-time. An asset can be any active bank account, investments, pensions or credit accounts you have. To connect an asset to Otto Click “+ Add asset” and follow the simple steps.

The advantage of connecting more than one account is to be able to look at all your finances in one place. The cash flow feature allows you to have better oversight of your weekly income and outgoings.  

🚀 Maximise your earnings

An excellent feature - Ottomate - helps you to take control of your finances in autopilot. With Ottomate you can set ‘rules’ and ‘alerts’. These rules and alerts can do the following: 

  • Remind you how much to save each month 
  • Alert you when your account balance is over or under the limit you’ve set
  • Sends you a weekly cash flow analysis report 

📲Learn from experts on financial education

Otto understands the importance of improving financial education. 

Signing up to the platform allows you to join regular workshops on various important topics such as investing, tax, property and much more! The platform also gives you direct access to a library of educational content and on-demand videos where you can learn about a vast array of financial concepts, from the fundamentals of investing to the tax differences between being a sole trader and an LLC (limited liability company).

Stuart couriers who are using Otto have been sharing their feedback on the multitude of benefits they’re enjoying:

Seeing all accounts at once is so helpful. I have a few different financial accounts so having it in one place is incredibly useful.

Excited about Otto now? All Stuart couriers have access to Otto Finance via Onsi. You can sign up with the coupon STUART and activate your account today. 

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