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Delivering during the busy season

November and December are our busiest months, with lots of different celebrations, such as Thanksgiving, Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, and many more. You’ll sure want to be out there to take advantage of high multipliers and high volumes during this time of the year! Here are some tips we hope will help you navigate through busy times. 😎

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🚲 Safety First:

Your safety is what matters most! When you’re on the road, it is crucial that you stay careful at all times. Here are some tips and guidelines you can follow to stay safe: 

  1. Make yourself visible. In Autumn and Winter, it gets dark quicker and longer. Streets are busy and may sometimes be unlit. So light it up! Make yourself visible with bright and sturdy safety lights. You should also be wearing a light-reflective jacket, especially if you deliver on a bike, e-bike, moped or e-moped. Why not look like a Christmas tree, after all, it is the season! 

  2. Security is key! Never leave your equipment unattended. Ensure you are parked safely, that the keys are off your engine and your vehicle is locked. 

  3. Take regular breaks and avoid driving when you’re feeling tired. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

  4. Learn about the Courier Partner Health and Safety rules - take a look at our Help Centre Article

❄️ Be prepared for the cold:

You know what Winter means… Fighting the chill whilst delivering is essential to be safe and healthy during these colder months.

If you can, try layering and wearing thermals underneath your clothes. If you’re on a bike, try to use pogies, that you can directly attach to your bike - it will help keep your hands warm. You could even bring heat pads and hand warmers during deliveries to help with cold weather! 

🎒 Take care of your equipment:

You use your equipment very often, so it should be one of your top priorities when delivering. You should always check your equipment before heading out to deliver some packages.  

Check out some tips on how to take care of your equipment here. And If you wish to learn more about the equipment you need when delivering via the Stuart platform, check out our Help Centre Article! 😃

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