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Top tips for couriers

All couriers that deliver on the Stuart platform are important to us and we want to make your experience the best one possible. We have put together these quick tips to help you enjoy the ride!

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1. Be prepared

When heading out to deliver, preparedness is key. Remember to pack your essential kit and check the weather before you hit the road.

Before starting your deliveries, make sure you have a full battery on your phone and if possible, get a power bank. It is also helpful to avoid using the battery saving mode as this causes issues with GPS signals.

Make sure your equipment is clean, and you’re prepared for the weather. Other essentials may include a bottle of water and locks for padlocks if you are riding a bike.

We advise that you always check carefully that your vehicle is in good condition before leaving. If something’s not right, book a repair with a qualified mechanic.

2. Deliver a friendly service

When delivering a customer's food, treat the package as if it’s your food. Try to greet the customer with a smile and be polite to them.

It is also nice to talk and wave to other couriers riding alongside you. It's friendly and it adds fun to the ride!

Customers and clients will appreciate your friendly service, and you might even make someone’s day!

3. Get to know the local area

Getting to know your local area can save you time when delivering and help maximize your earnings.

Positioning yourself in a delivery zone closer to client restaurants, supermarkets and shops is always a good place to start. Get to know the main client stores, how busy it is, and where you will take your breaks. 

When you get a delivery, double-check the customer address and customer notes before setting off so that you have all the info you need. Always make sure you check that the address on the app corresponds to the navigation you’re using.

Make sure you go to the right place! Bear in mind that some clients have multiple branches in the same area, always double check you are in the correct location.

Want to learn more about getting started with Stuart? We’ve written more on our Help Centre and share regular advice in our StuTips section within the monthly Stu-letter.

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